Stop the Certification of Farmed Salmon as “Sustainable” and “Responsible”

Stop the Certification of Farmed Salmon as “Sustainable” and “Responsible”

The Institute for Fisheries Resources has joined the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) and a slew of other organizations in taking a stand against the certification of farmed salmon as “responsible” and “sustainable” by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council has proposed a farmed salmon certification system called the “Standards for Responsible Salmon Aquaculture” which shamefully allows: Waste Pollution, Chemical Contamination, Killing of Wildlife, Sea Lice & Infectious Diseases, Non-Native Species, Escapes, Unsustainable & Non-Certified Fish Feed, Transgenic Plants, Copper-treated Nets & Biocides, 20% Mortality, Antibiotics & Toxic Chemicals and Deaths of Workers.

The farming of carnivorous fish such as salmon is environmentally, socially, ethically and morally bankrupt. Salmon farming is fundamentally flawed. The farming of salmon in open net cages or pens in the sea and in freshwater can never eliminate problems with escapes, infectious diseases, parasites, chemicals and waste pollution. Even closed containment systems on land or in the sea can never eliminate problems of energy use and the use of depleted and contaminated fish meal and fish oil.

Any farming process which leads to a net loss of resources can never ever be certified as “sustainable”.

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