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Santa Barbara Area

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Santa Barbara Seafood Seasons



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**Please Note! The 2008 Chinook Salmon Season has been closed in California and Oregon due to low returns on the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers

**The Pacific Sardine fishery has reached its quota for 2008. Fresh-caught sardines will be available again starting in January 2009

(information is still being collected)

Off the Boat
Mike McCorkle Santa Barbara Harbour F/V Theresa Ann, F/V Pieface Navy Pier Inside Harbor Sat 7-11AM year round (808)886-4239 salmon,live & dead halibut,live ridgeback prawns, barracuda
Sam Shrout Santa Barbara Harbour F/V Mysteri   year round for some species   Rock crab, Spider crab, and Kellets
Farmers Markets
Santa Barbara Fish Market 117 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara business hours many fishermen sell to the market
Restaurants that buy directly from local fishermen

Please notify us if you know of any fisherman (or if you are a commercial fisherman) that sells seafood directly to consumers. Help us expand this public resource!

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