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Monterey Bay Seafood Seasons

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**Please Note! The 2008 Chinook Salmon Season has been closed in California and Oregon due to low returns on the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers

**The Pacific Sardine fishery has reached its quota for 2008. Fresh-caught sardines will be available again starting in January 2009

(information is still being collected)

Off the Boat
Fisherman Harbor, City Boat, Dock, Slip Contact Fish
Martin Towne Santa Cruz F/V Hot Spot
Dock R
  Salmon (weekends when in season)
John Hulliger Santa Cruz F/V Gayle
Dock T
831-229-2677 -Dungeness Crab
Bob Wise Santa Cruz F/V AdaC
  -Dungeness Crab
Vicki Crow Moss Landing F/V Tina Louise
Dock A
William Maidhof Between Bodega Bay and Santa Cruz F/V Ocean Citizen 707-953-1410 -Albacore Tuna
-Box Crab
-Dungeness Crab
-Rockfish (live and fresh)
Farmers Markets
Santa Cruz Community Farmers Market Lincoln & Cedar Wed 2:30-6:30pm Hans Haverman & Heidi Rhodes
Santa Cruz Community Farmers Market Western Dr. & Division St. Sat 9am-2pm (seasonal) Hans Haverman & Heidi Rhodes
Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Market Fremont & Phisher, Monterey Thur 2:30-6:30pm (May-Nov) Hans Haverman & Heidi Rhodes
Restaurants that buy directly from local fishermen
Café Fina 47 Fishermen’s Wharf 1, Monterey 800-THE-FINA
Mainly dungeness crab, chinook salmon
Flaherty’s Oyster Bar & Seafood 6th Ave., between Dolores & San Carlos, Carmel-by-the-Sea 831-625-1500

Please notify us if you know of any fisherman (or if you are a commercial fisherman) that sells seafood directly to consumers. Help us expand this public resource!

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