Zeke Grader Student Scholarship

In memory of former IFR director William F. “Zeke” Grader Jr., a great champion of the fisheries, and of educating young people to engage in natural resource management, IFR has established the Zeke Grader Student Scholarship. The Scholarship provides financial and mentoring assistance to students of the environment, community development, or fisheries.

To Donate

To make a donation to the Zeke Grader Student Scholarship fund, please mail contributions to Institute for Fisheries Resources, PO Box 29196, San Francisco, CA 94129, or click the button below:

To Apply

Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship are encouraged to submit an essay to IFR Executive Director Tim Sloane at tsloane@ifrfish.org. The application essay should describe your personal interest in the environment, community development, or fisheries, a description of your academic program, and the purpose to which the scholarship funds will be applied.

Applications are due by May 31 of each year and scholarships will be awarded around July 15.



Institute for Fisheries Resources
PO Box 29196
San Francisco, CA 94129-0196
415.561.5464 (fax)