Local and Seasonal

Local and Seasonal Seafood Program

The Problem

As our food infrastructure has grown throughout the past century, people have become disconnected from their food sources and less aware of the origin of their food.

Nowadays, less and less people are engaged in work as food producers and much of our nation’s food is imported thousands of miles using nonrenewable sources of energy which contribute to global warming. Many people want to eat responsibly, but are not sure where to turn. IFR is trying to solve this problem by connecting local fishermen to the fish buying public. Eating local fresh seafood means that you are accessing the freshest and highest quality seafood. Additionally, supporting local seafood harvesters ensures that local small family-operated fishing communities will be able to compete with large processors and maintain traditional coastal communities. Eating locally caught seafood ensures that the fish caught is sustainable. Buying directly from fishermen ensures a fresh product and ensures the fishermen receives a fair wage for his or her labor. IFR acts as a conduit to connect the seafood eating public with local commercial fishermen who can provide fresh, high quality, healthy, sustainable seafood.

The Solution

The Local and Seasonal Seafood Program© has created a database for the public to connect commercial fishermen with seafood consumers. These fishermen sell either off their boats, at farmers’ markets, or to restaurants. By providing this information, consumers can make better informed decisions about where to buy high quality seafood. Through such transactions consumers are also able to support local fishing communities, find out more information about how and where the seafood was harvested, and reimburse the fishermen more accurately for their costs.

Commercial fishermen work closely with the California Department of Fish & Game and the National Marine Fisheries Service to ensure sustainable harvest of California fisheries. However, few citizens know when different fish are in season or what the local seafood in their area is. A large component of the program is also to collect the information of when different types of seafood are available to the public.

The Future

It is the vision of the Local and Seasonal Seafood Program that consumers will support their local seafood harvesters and fishing communities. We are constantly seeking more information about commercial fishermen that are selling at farmers’ markets, at fish markets, off their boats, to local restaurants, etc. Please notify us if you know of any fisherman (or if you are a commercial fisherman) that sells seafood directly to consumers. Help us to expand this public resource coastwide!

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