Local and Seasonal Seafood Program

Confused about where to buy fresh local seafood?

Looking to include local & seasonal seafood into your diet?

Curious about local California fisheries?

With the success of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, more consumers are conscientious of what seafood to eat. But choosing good quality seafood goes far beyond just choosing from the Green List. Consumers must also consider what their local seafood is and when it is in season.

The Local & Seasonal Seafood© Program has created a database for the public to connect seafood consumers with local fisheries and fishermen. The Program summarizes when different local seafood is in season for nine coastal regions in California. Additionally, the Program lists fishermen that sell off their boats, at farmers’ markets, or directly to restaurants.

By providing this information simply and clearly, consumers can make better informed decisions about where to buy high quality seafood. Through such transactions consumers are also able to support local fishing communities and reimburse the fishermen more accurately for their costs.

To learn how to buy local & seasonal seafood in California, click here.

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