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Welcome to your weekly quota of fisheries shorts, caught and landed by the Institute for Fisheries Resources and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations. Sublegals brings readers the latest fisheries news, to your email inbox, on a weekly basis. We cover stories on fishing and fisheries management, the environment, the government, people, events, and notices to mariners; all the things that enable sustainable seafood to make it to the dinner table. Check out our archives for past issues.


The 8 December edition of SUBLEGALS, Issue 21:23, is available here and contains the following stories:

  • 21:23/01: Drought Bill Fight Hits the Fan; Boxer Fighting to Prevent Salmon Destruction
  • 21:23/02: PCFFA, IFR Bring Suit Over Salmon Disease Outbreak On Klamath
  • 21:23/03: Dungeness Crab Season Brings Huge Relief to Many, but Not All
  • 21:23/04: A Note on World Fisheries Day
  • 21:23/05: The Reddhead: Alarming Health Issues in Salmon Farms in 2016
  • 21:23/06: Blinding Parasites Found in 2015 Eel River Salmon Run
  • 21:23/07: The Reddhead Movie Review: The Breach

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